Health Care Services

Scooba campus
Student Health Care Services are made available to all students through an agreement for services between EMCC and the Scooba Family Medical Clinic, located in Scooba, MS. A pre-paid health fee will entitle a student of East Mississippi Community College to the following services at the Scooba Family Medical Clinic:

  • Unlimited office visits at no cost during the semester.  
  • Prescribe​d injections (patient’s own meds) at no cost.  
    • All lab procedures such as injection from clinic stock, suturing, blood work, etc. will be charged to the patient on a sliding fee scale, if they are not covered under any insurance, CHIPs, Medicaid/Medicare program.
    • If the patient has insurance, CHIPs, Medicare/Medicaid coverage, claims will be filed as a courtesy and that patient will be removed from participation in this program.
    • Nursing Students and athletes’ physicals will be provided, or assistance given, at no cost (except when lab fees are incurred, sliding scale will apply).
East Mississippi Community College will collect a $30.00 Health fee at registration each semester. The Health Fee will be mandatory for all residence hall students and optional for all commuting students. This plan can only be joined and paid for during registration.
In case of minor injuries first aid services/supplies are available in:​​

  • Academic Dean’s Office - Stennis Hall  
  • Business Office - Wallace Hall   
    • President’s Office - Administration Building
    • Asst. Director’s Office - Hawkins Career-Tech Building
    • Residence Hall Supervisors’ apartments
    • Security Department’s Office  

In the event of an emergency, students should contact the College staff available or the nearest administrative office. If it is determined by College officials that the situation needs emergency professional care, College officials will contact appropriate emergency services to transport the injured party to the nearest hospital.


Location Phone Number
Scooba Campus Police Department 662.386.8011
Scooba Switchboard 662.476.5000
Ambulance/Sheriff/Police/Fire Dept. 911

Golden Triangle campus
In case of minor injuries, first aid service/supplies can be found in all shops and in the administrative offices.  In the event of a serious injury, the instructor or office manager should contact the administrative office, the Student Services Department, or someone at the emergency numbers listed below. The injured person should never be moved or left alone if at all possible.
If administration or appropriate staff determines the situation needs emergency professional care, the injured party should be taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital - Golden Triangle in Columbus as soon as possible. If the need for an ambulance arises, Baptist Memorial Regional Medical Center should be called.


Location Phone Number
Golden Triangle Campus Police Department 662.418.9487
Golden Triangle Switchboard 662.243.1900
Ambulance/Sheriff/Police/Fire Dept. 911

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