Mathematics & Science Programs

The selection of courses and course sequences depends largely upon a student’s career choice. Counselors, instructional administrators and faculty advisor are available to counsel with each student, but it is the student’s final responsibility to choose her or his own course of study. Each of EMCC’s three Academic Divisions provides students ample opportunity to select coursework that will lead to an Associate of Arts Degree that prepares them for transfer to a university.
What this means: If you plan to attend a senior college after EMCC, and already know what field you want to major in, we can recommend classes to take at EMCC that will be most useful to you.
Here’s a look at the university-related programs available in the Mathematics & Science Division:

  • Agricultural Science   
  • Animal Sciences   
  • Architecture   
  • Biochemistry   
  • Biological Engineering   
  • Biology   
  • Chemistry   
  • Computer Science   
  • Dental Hygiene   
  • Engineering   
  • Forensics/Forensic Chemistry   
  • Forestry (Forest Management)   
  • General Science   
  • Geosciences   
  • Horticulture   
  • Mathematics   
  • Medical Laboratory Science   
  • Medical Technology   
  • Meteorology   
  • Microbiology   
  • Nursing   
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences   
  • Physics   
  • Polymer Science   
  • Poultry Science   
  • Software Engineering   
  • Speech Pathology   
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences
East Mississippi Community College has designed its basic course requirements so that earned credits can be transferred readily to other accredited institutions. It should be clearly understood, however, that senior colleges and professional schools may have individual freshman and sophomore requirements which differ from the following course recommendations. Students contemplating transfer should consult the latest catalog of the institution to which they plan to transfer or, better yet, speak with a counselor at the transfer institution of your choice.
If the senior institution requires an arrangement of courses different from any recommended in this section, students may deviate and schedule an arrangement to meet their individual need with their advisor’s authorization.​

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