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Online Classes ... It's Called ELearning Now!

Welcome to the eLearning Department! Is online learning for you? If you work during the day, or have family obligations that keep you from attending traditional classes at one of EMCC's campuses, online study could be the answer. 

We are pleased to offer you a wide array of “online learning” courses that may fit your academic needs! East Mississippi Community College offers over 450 online classes each fall, spring, and summer semester. Click the link below to access the full class listing. Be sure to set the term to online.


Online Learning Opportunities
East Mississippi Community College seeks to provide online learning opportunities for its district’s constituents who are unable, for a variety of reasons, to attend classes on one of the college’s campuses. To ensure that all students are receiving an excellent education, our online classes meet all of the quality standards proposed in our traditional on-campus programs.
What are Online Classes?
In an online class, the instruction is provided online with no face-to-face classroom instruction required.  Online classes provide flexibility and convenience in pursuing one’s educational goals. They are not self-paced; therefore, they have scheduled start and stop dates as well as regular assignments and project due dates. Since the classroom is in an online environment, students may work at the time and location most convenient for them. Online classes require access to a computer with an Internet connection.
Are Online Classes right for you? 
Does your schedule require flexible study hours? Would you prefer to work off campus? Are you a self-motivated person?  Do you handle time management projects well?  If so, then online classes may be for you! 

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  • On-Site Classes
    Spring 2024

    Registration Begins Nov  6th, 2023
    Register by Jan 12th, 2024
    First day of classes Jan 16th, 2024
  • Online Classes
    Spring- 2024

    Registration Begins Nov  6th, 2023
    Register by Jan 12th, 2024
    First day of classes Jan 16th, 2024