Truck Driving

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The Commercial Truck Driving program is an five-week program which prepares the graduate to enter the commercial truck driving industry as an intra-state (short haul) driver for the construction industry. 


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Content covered in the course includes -
  • Backing awareness training (into equipment hoppers, into very tight dump spaces/spots, overhead obstacles, etc.) 
  • Being loaded (via front-end loaders, bucket excavators, overhead storage silos, etc.)
  • Safe dumping procedures and full dumping environment awareness and hazards recognition
  • Ingress and egress of narrow truck weigh scales, wash pits, etc.   
  • Hauling 300+ degree material (hot mix asphalt)
  • Dumping dirt/gravel materials that tend to shift/bulk during discharge   
  • Short hauls (requiring much shifting/braking)   
  • Driving over/through uneven and/or soft surfaces   
  • Rolling/unrolling trailer cover tarps   
  • Safe general maintenance that is specific to dump trailers/dump beds
  • Following specific dumping instructions (spotter recognition and communication)
  • Good recognition/understanding of many different materials (aggregates) appearances/properties, and their specific hauling characteristics/tendencies
  • General “telematics” (GPS truck management) education
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs) and “Hours of Services” understanding  
  • Acquiring a Commercial Driving License
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