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East Mississippi Community College is proud to offer a four semester Associates of Applied Sciences degree in Mechatronics Technology at our Golden Triangle Campus. Students who successfully complete the Mechatronics Associates program are also eligible to take an additional semester of coursework to obtain an advanced technical certificate in Mechatronics.

Mechatronics represents an emerging field in career-technical education that focuses on the synergistic combination of applied precision mechanical engineering, electronic control, and systems thinking to produce multi-craft technicians. Mechatronics technicians are well trained in machine circuitry, robotic design, engineering drawing and industry controls.

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Industry need for proficient mechatronics technicians has evolved as industry itself has advanced. As intelligent computer control has become commonplace in modern manufacturing, industry demand for technicians with knowledge in the cross-section of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and control systems has increased exponentially. Due to their multi-faceted skill set, mechatronics technicians are needed in almost every modern manufacturing environment.
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