East Mississippi Community College’s 2024 Awards Day on the Scooba campus took place April 24.

April 24, 2024

East Mississippi Community College held its annual Awards Day ceremony for the Scooba campus Wednesday afternoon in the Stennis Hall auditorium.

Dean of Instruction Dr. Jairus Johnson served as the master of ceremonies and Vice President of Instruction Dr. James Rush welcomed those in attendance. Sophomore Cooper Sanders provided the invocation and Dean Tony Montgomery the closing remarks for the event – which recognized more than 100 students for their academic achievements.

In addition to individual awards, students were recognized for their participation and contributions in a number of groups including the Eta Upsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the Student Government Association and Student Ambassadors.

Here is a list of students who received academic awards and the areas for which they were recognized during Wednesday’s Scooba event:

Outstanding Business Law Student: Riva Morris

Outstanding Restorative Art II Student: Riva Morris

Outstanding Mortuary Anatomy Student: Riva Morris

Outstanding Funeral Directing Student: Derick Carr

Outstanding Marketing and Merchandising Student: Derick Carr

Outstanding Restorative Art I Student: Laney Moak

Outstanding Embalming Student: Kim Comer

Outstanding Thanato Micro Student: Brandy Robinson

Outstanding FST Comp Review Student: Killi Sheppard

Outstanding Psysocial Aspects of Grief and Death Student: Hailey Criddle

Outstanding Mortuary Law Student: Cole McBride

Outstanding Introduction to Sociology I Student: Janesha Kinchen

Outstanding American US History II Student: Nivea Hopson

Outstanding American US History I Student: Jaelyn Lust

Outstanding Forestry Technology Student: Christopher Kennedy

Outstanding Freshman Ophthalmic Student: Bayla Eubanks

Outstanding Sophomore Ophthalmic Student: William Anderson

Outstanding Computer Networking Technology Student: Tyler Littlejohn

Outstanding Computer Networking Technology Student: Marquiez Brewer

Outstanding Welding Student: Cooper McMullen

Outstanding Marketing Management Student: Xavier Jimerson

Outstanding Selling Student: Makyahia Williams

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student: Brody Clay

Outstanding Marketing Student: Arionia Sanders

Outstanding Western Civilization I Student: William Russell

Outstanding Western Civilization II Student: Caleb Giles

Outstanding Education Student: Carys Goodwin

Outstanding World Civilization II Student: Layla Roper

Outstanding Spanish I Student: William Rhoden

Outstanding Public Speaking Student: Sumayah Cole

Outstanding Freshman Band Member: James Ezell

Outstanding Sophomore Band Member: Tyler Cash

Outstanding Music Theory Student: Destiny Lewis

Outstanding Class Piano Student: Ormani Smith

Outstanding Freshman Color Guard: Isabella Temple

Outstanding Sophomore Color Guard: Julia Jackson

Outstanding Freshman Percussionist: AJ Page

Outstanding Sophomore Percussionist: Ormani Smith

Outstanding Jazz Band Musician: Juwan Evans

Outstanding Brass Band Musician: Darious Calhoun

Outstanding Academic Achievement Practical Nursing Student: Ariel Coburn

Outstanding Clinical/Lab Excellence Student: Kayla Davidson

Outstanding Trigonometry Student: Kedric Dixon

Outstanding Trigonometry Student: William Rodgers

Outstanding College Algebra Student: Brenda Wisher

Outstanding Calculus I Student: Elijah Graves

Outstanding General Biology II Student: Grace Johnson

Outstanding Human A&P I Student: Sydney Frances Watkins

Outstanding Human A&P II Student: Gracie McDill

Outstanding General Biology I Student: Tyresha Hopson

Outstanding American Literature Student: Cooper Sanders

Outstanding Honors Leadership Student: Coby Holmes

Outstanding English Composition I Student: Jalaya Arnold

Outstanding Traditional Grammar Student: Carys Goodwin

Outstanding English Composition II Student: Sadie McCoy

Outstanding Interpersonal Communication Student: Matthew Birdsong

Outstanding Principles of Accounting II Student: Timothy Grayson

Outstanding Principles of Accounting I Student: Joshua Galloway

Outstanding Art Appreciation Student: Elijah Graves

Outstanding Design Student: Emmanuel Smoot

Outstanding Drawing Student: Jordan Chaney

Outstanding Syzygy Photography Student: Grace Johnson

Outstanding Syzygy Ceramics Student: Alexandra Shiles

Outstanding Principles of Biology I Student: Trynitee Overstreet

Outstanding General Chemistry I Student: Toby Biddles

Outstanding General Chemistry II Student: AJ Page

Outstanding Statistics Award: Avery Luke

Outstanding Calculus II Award: Johnathan Mickens

Outstanding British Literature I Student: Jayne Wiggins

Outstanding British Literature II Student: Avery Luke

Outstanding Human Growth and Development Student: William Rhoden

Outstanding Psychology Student: Nathan Crews

Outstanding Electrical Technology Student: John Riley Sanders

Outstanding Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student: Ezekial Smoot

Outstanding Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student: Luke Winstead

Outstanding Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student: Parker Henry

Outstanding Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student: Tremaine Dixon

Outstanding Cheerleading Student: Avery Luke

Outstanding Choir Student: Ja’raiyah Jones

Outstanding Reflections Student: Jayne Wiggins

Outstanding Musical Theatre Student: Nadyn Samara

Outstanding Women’s Soccer Student: Anna Claire Brewer

Outstanding Men’s Soccer Student: Kaler Hill

Outstanding Football Student: Luke Winstead

Outstanding Men’s Basketball Student: Christian Noel

Outstanding Women’s Basketball Student: Ramya King

Outstanding Golf Student: Daniel Martin

Outstanding Softball Student: Layla Roper

Outstanding Baseball Student: Coby Holmes

Outstanding Men’s Rodeo Student: Dylan Jones

Outstanding Women’s Rodeo Student: Shadow Goodrich

NOTE: Not all students recognized were able to attend the event.