Nearly 100 East Mississippi Community College students were recognized during the Awards Day ceremony on the Scooba campus Wednesday, April 26.

April 26, 2023

Nearly 100 East Mississippi Community College students were recognized during the Awards Day ceremony on the Scooba campus Wednesday, April 26.

Students were recognized by instructors and administrators in a ceremony in the Stennis Hall auditorium. Among the award winners included were:

Outstanding Forestry Technology Student: Melvin Cole Sellers

Outstanding Ophthalmic Technology Freshman: William Anderson

Outstanding Introduction to Sociology I Student: Sidney M. Profice

Outstanding American US History I Student: Ethan A. Kimbrough

Outstanding Ophthalmic Technology Sophomore: Martayshus Jenkins

Outstanding American US History II Student: Martinson Ansah

Nursing Academic Excellence: Sandy Dennis

Nursing Clinical Excellence: Delilah Stevenson

Outstanding Thanato Micro/Path Student: Madalyn Cozart

Outstanding Funeral Service Arts Student: Shaela Roberts

Outstanding Business Law Student: Kimberly Comer

Outstanding Restorative Art Student: Brandy Robinson

Outstanding Football Student-Athlete: Trace Beard

Outstanding Men’s Basketball Student-Athlete: Christian Noel

Outstanding Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete: Kylah Bell

Outstanding Softball Student-Athlete: Carley Martin

Outstanding Rodeo Student-Athlete: Matthew Watt

Outstanding Golf Student-Athlete: Matthew Phillips

Outstanding Baseball Student-Athlete: Ayden Alsobrooks

Outstanding Baseball Student-Athlete: Coby Holmes

Outstanding Baseball Student-Athlete: Brandon King

Outstanding Cheerleading Student-Athlete: Cameron Boone

Outstanding Public Speaking Student: Jordan Allen

Outstanding Sophomore Marketing Student: Mark Carroll

Outstanding Freshman Marketing Student: Elijah Jackson

Outstanding Trigonometry Student: Jackson Hilton Cook

Outstanding College Algebra Student: Thanh Pham

Outstanding Spanish I Student: Jaquez L. Harris

Outstanding Ceramics Student: Justin Hampton

Outstanding Design Student: Samantha Knight

Syzygy Bill Lauderdale Art Award: Ezria Robinson

Outstanding Drawing Student: Ezria Robinson

Outstanding Art History Student: Damiyana Wallace

Outstanding Art Appreciation Student: Aiden Fancher

Outstanding General Chemistry I Student: Carley Martin

Outstanding Welding Student: Julious Dooley

Outstanding Western Civilizations I Student: Thanh D. Pham

Outstanding Western Civilizations II Student: Laderrius D. Love

Outstanding World Civizilations II Student: Taylor C. Howard

Outstanding Electrical Technology Student: Tyler Pearson

Outstanding Principles of Biology I Student: Reslyn Ramsey

Outstanding General Biology I Student: Marnae Miller

Outstanding Calculus I Student: Jaquez Harris

Outstanding Calculus II Student: Jaquez Harris

Outstanding Statistics Student: Steward Beard

Outstanding Intermediate/College Algebra Student: Jayne Wiggins

Outstanding General Biology II Student: Morgan B. Lepard

Outstanding Principles of Accounting I Student: Darrius Triplett

Outstanding Principles of Accounting II Student: Trace Beard

Outstanding Psychology Student: Melvin Cole Sellers

Outstanding Human Growth and Development Student: Riyan L. Cotton

Outstanding Marching Band Brass Student: Karley Anderson

Outstanding Marching Band Woodwind Student: Aidan Matthews

Outstanding Jazz Band Student: Donovan Boyd

Outstanding Brass Band Student: Zion Smith

Outstanding Symphonic Band Student: Joshua Thomas

Outstanding Freshman Percussion Student: Hayleigh Irby

Outstanding Sophomore Percussion Student: Lacedric Morton

Outstanding Color Guard Student: Alayna Mixon

Outstanding Computer Networking Student: Abiegail Lynch

Jesse Knight Conner Award of Excellence: Jekhi D. Adams

Outstanding American Literature Student: Jaterrica Williams

Outstanding English Composition I Student: Jayne Wiggins

Outstanding English Composition II Student: Jayne Wiggins

Outstanding British Literature I Student: Sarah Martin

Outstanding British Literature II Student: Celeste Study

Outstanding Economics Student: Trace Beard

Outstanding Music Theatre Student: Kade Brand

Outstanding Choral Student: Jerremy Moore

Outstanding Utility Lineworker Technology Student Fall: Kix Wilson

Outstanding Utility Lineworker Technology Student Spring: Tucker Hood

Outstanding Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student: Jadasha Harrison

Outstanding Anatomy and Physiology I Student: Rylei Loftin

Outstanding Anatomy and Physiology II Student: Ekhia Roby

Outstanding Principles of Biology II Student: Cooper Sanders


Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Tyler Cooper, Jadasha Harrison, Ezekial Smoot, Tori Stennis, Parker Henry, Raychel Smith, Lyric Marshall

Phi Theta Kappa: Cameron Boone, Sarah Martin, Jadasha Harrison, Peyton Dawkins, Chloe Goodwin, Jaterrica Williams, Kade Brand, Celeste Study, Kaitlyn Stubbs

Student Government Association: Cameron Boone, president; Nadyn Samara, secretary; Jackson Cook, treasurer; Brooks Buchanan and Aayanna Coleman, sophomore representatives; Tori Stennis and Shaniyah Calhoun, freshman representatives

Lucy Hull Leader of Tomorrow Award of Achievement: Cameron Boone, Kade Brand, Jadasha Harrison, Coby Holmes, Sarah Martin, Dalton McFarland, Samuel Shelton, Celeste Study

Student Ambassadors: Jackson Cook, Cameron Boone, Jordan Gully, Raychel Smith, Chloe Godwin, Peyton Dawkins, Cooper Sanders, Kix Wilson, Nadyn Samara, Shaniyah Calhoun, Tori Stennis, Aiden Fancher, Sidney Profice, Kelsey Odom