April 19, 2018

East Mississippi Community College’s Scooba campus hosted its annual Awards Day Wednesday, April 18.

During the program, instructors in both academic and career-technical programs recognized their outstanding students from the past year. The students were awarded plaques and certificates.

Here is a list of the students who received awards and the areas for which they were recognized in the order they were received:

  • Cortney Sanderson, British Literature   
  • Allison Vick, Traditional Grammar   
  • Jackson Rosinski, English Composition I   
  • Summer Arnold, English Composition II   
  • Jordan White, Art Appreciation   
  • Alexus Milons, Drawing   
  • Brejenn Allen, Design   
  • Stephon Moody, Painting   
  • Leon McGee, Ceramics   
  • Jordan White, Art Appreciation   
  • Keiown Terry, Exhibition   
  • Jordan White, General Chemistry I   
  • Hunter Cumberland, General Chemistry II   
  • Avery Bouchillon, Anatomy and Physiology I   
  • Jermarcus Lewis, Anatomy and Physiology II      
  • Taylor Vollin, General Biology I and General Biology II   
  • Brendell Allen, Principles of Biology I   
  • Weston Acey, Principles of Biology II   
  • Summer Arnold, American Literature   
  • Jordan White, English Composition I, English Composition II, and Honors Leadership   
  • J.T. McDade, Human and Growth Development   
  • Jordan White, Psychology   
  • Dawson Boes, Child Psychology   
  • William Hodge, Adolescent Psychology   
  • Oronde Fleming, Public Speaking   
  • Taylor Vollin, American (U.S.) History I   
  • Benjamin R. Cumberland, American (U.S.) History II   
  • Garrett Miller, Calculus I and Calculus II   
  • Sadie Lindsey, Statistics   
  • William Robert, Trigonometry   
  • Jacob Smith, College Algebra   
  • Charles Blackmond, College Beginning Algebra   
  • Travarus Valentine, College Intermediate Algebra   
  • William Tate Russell, Lineworker   
  • Parker Dial, Western Civilization I   
  • William Hodge, Western Civilization II  
  • Annette J. Shinn, American National Government   
  • Jerrian Young, Scholar Athlete, Men’s Basketball   
  • Brianna Page, Scholar Athlete, Women’s Basketball   
  • Dillon Brown, Scholar Athlete, Baseball   
  • Untareo Johnson, Scholar Athlete, Football   
  • Avery Bouchillon, Scholar Athlete, Softball   
  • Jacob Watt, Scholar Athlete, Rodeo   
  • Adam Wade, Forestry Technology, sophomore   
  • William Chaz Brunschon, Forestry Technology, freshman   
  • Paige Johnson, Opthalmic, freshman   
  • Taylor McKee, Opthalmic, sophomore   
  • Shelby Koch, Piano for non-majors   
  • Joshua Leggett, Class Piano   
  • Kent Macon, Small Vocal Ensemble   
  • Taylor Lairy, Music Theatre Workshop   
  • Audrianna Randle, Applied Voice and Choir   
  • Courtney Perry, Music Theory   
  • Caitlyn Hearn, World Literature I