Instructors recognized outstanding students during Awards Day.

April 19, 2018

East Mississippi Community College’s Golden Triangle a campus hosted its annual Awards Day Thursday, April 5.

During the program, instructors in both academic and career-technical programs recognized their outstanding students from the past year. The students were awarded plaques and certificates.

Here are the names of the students who received awards and the areas for which they were recognized in the order in which they were awarded:


  • Kathy J. Smith, Administrative Office Technology   
  • Dominic Henn, Industrial Electrical, year one   
  • Kristopher Robinson, Computer Networking Technology   
  • Daniel Doty, Landscape Management   
  • Zachary Oneil, Golf/Recreational Turf Management   
  • David Long, Cyber Security Technology   
  • Dusty Fields, Automation and Controls Technology   
  • Christopher Winter, Culinary Arts   
  • Joshua Headly, Hotel and Restaurant Management   
  • Jazlyn Douglas, Cosmetology   
  • Edward Slaughter, Associate Degree Nursing   
  • Heather Brashears, Practical Nursing   
  • Chase Austin, Welding Technology   
  • Nate Milbach, Welding and Industrial Fabrication   
  • Luke Crowley, Precision Manufacturing and Machining   
  • Cameron Hitt, Automotive Technology, first year   
  • Austin Lane Yarbrough, Automotive Technology, second year   
  • Jacob Hemphill, Engineering Technology Drafting and Design   
  • Matthew Mackey, Electro-Mechanical   
  • Daniel Carter, Industrial Maintenance   
  • Christopher Bishop, Business Management Marketing Technology
  • Jaycee Stennis, E-Commerce Technology


  • Jimmy Clark, Occupational Writing   
  • Gabriel Riveros, Calculus   
  • Shelby Grice, Art Appreciation   
  • Claire Crutcher, Design   
  • Hannah Suit, Psychology   
  • Caleb Younger, Microbiology   
  • Susannah Bowman, Spanish II   
  • Harrison Criswell, Economics   
  • Alexia R. Powers, Public Speaking   
  • Thomas McLean, Computer Science   
  • Blair Madison, Theatre   
  • Christine Carpenter, Journalism   
  • Jay Dilmore, College Algebra   
  • Brody Burchfield, Statistics   
  • Emilee Wilcox, Honors Program   
  • Brady Duggin, Western Civilzation   
  • Julie Younger, American History   
  • Caitlyn Jennings, World Civilizations   
  • Harrison Criswell, Economics   
  • Blair Madison, British Literature   
  • Treasure Heath, English Composition   
  • Mariallen Moore, American Literature   
  • Emilee Wilcox, World Literature   
  • Audrea Powell, Art   
  • Caleb Younger, Anatomy & Physiology   
  • Audrea Powell, Drawing   
  • Ryne Miller, Ceramics   
  • Greysenne Lentz, Marriage and Family   
  • Jordan Taylor, Choir   
  • Julie Younger, Music Appreciation   
  • Kathryn Mackey, Chemistry   
  • Linda McBride, CAFB   
  • Emily Grace Roberson, Accounting


  • Emilee Wilcox, William Winter Student Scholar Award   
  • Audrea Powell, Bill Lauderdale Art Award of Excellence   
  • Audrea Powell, Drawing Award   
  • Blair Madison, Short Fiction Award   
  • Bailey Hoover, Poetry Award
  • Brady Duggin, Betty Killebrew Literary Award