Student Achievement Metrics

East Mississippi Community College is committed to student achievement and success. To gauge performance related to this focus, EMCC has identified five key performance indicators (KPIs) of student achievement that align with the College’s mission. The KPIs include (1) retention, (2) graduation rates, (3) course success, (4) equitable success, and (5) transfer and job placement.

KPI 1: Retention Rates   -

Retention rates represent the percentage of a school’s full-time, first-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Fall and continue at that college the next Fall term. Retention rates are directly related to the Strategic Plan 2020 Priority #1: Academic Excellence. Students who are retained are more likely to complete the required coursework to earn a credential or degree.

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KPI 2: Graduation Rates +
KPI 3: Course Success Rates +
KPI 4: Equitable Success +
KPI 5: Transfer and Job Placement Rate   +

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