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Opticianry is defined as “the art and science of optics as applied to compounding, filling, and adapting of ophthalmic prescriptions, products and accessories.” Opticianry describes the preparation (making) of ophthalmic lenses, setting them into spectacle frames, and dispensing (fitting and delivering) them to the wearer. These acts include a large number of activities or trades, ranging from the mechanical act of lens grinding to the personal service of the selection, fitting, and adjusting of a pair of glasses to an individual’s face, selling, and public relations.

Ophthalmic Technology is a two-year technical program that leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Career Opportunities -

Graduates of Ophthalmic Technology are qualified to work in retail optical stores, optometrist or ophthamologist offices, and wholesale laboratories. They may also choose to open their own optical dispensary.

Nearly 100% of the students who graduate the program are offered employment in the optical field.

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