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Advanced Manufacturing Skills

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Advanced Manufacturing Skills

Students must first complete Manufacturing Skills Basic to qualify for these courses:

Manufacturing Basic Machining
Individuals will cover the basics of machine turning and milling using the engine lathe and the vertical milling machine. Students will also receive instruction in blueprint reading and precision measurement using micrometers and calipers. This class is a total of 64 hours.

CNC Operator
Class instruction focuses on the Cartesian Coordinate
system -- G-codes, M-codes and their use in CNC
programming, writing simple programs, tooling used in
CNC machining, use and care of tools and tool holders,
speed and feed calculations for correct use of cutting tools,
preventative maintenance of a CNC machine, operational
modes used in operating CNC equipment, start-up
procedures, shut down procedures, manual use of CNC
to set fixture offset settings, manual loading of tool holders
to set tool offsets, work holding fixtures: vises, jigs, heel
clamps, tombstone fixtures, load programs and run programs.
This class is a total of 48 hours.

Precision Assembly
This course covers topics directly related to assembly of complex products. The topics covered include safety, ergonomics, torque basics, sealing moving fluids, hose and coupling assemblies, flange and tubing installation, nomenclature and proper handling of precision surfaces, metrics, work instructions and quality control measures. This class is a total of 72 hours.

Mechatronics incorporates several tested technologies such as pneumatics, PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers), electrical, mechanics, electronics and software into one integrated system. The intent of this training is to develop problem solving techniques, teamwork to troubleshoot and solve complex problems, and the ability to understand the inter-dependent nature of modern manufacturing equipment. In addition this training introduces Siemens Programmable Logic Control. This class is a total of 60 hours.

In high performance manufacturing, the robot is taking on highly repetitive assignments, moving heavy components, as well as welding. This Robotics course introduces the student to working with industrial robots. It includes the basics of robotic mechanical systems, the different methods of programming a robot, programming commands and troubleshooting a program. This class is a total of 45 hours.

Avionics and Cabling
Avionics and Cabling introduces students to the skills necessary to fabricate the wiring harnesses necessary for modern aircraft to military specifications. The student also learns the skills needed to install avionic components into the airframe.  The course covers safety and PPE, basic wiring identification, couplers and terminating avionic components, soldering skills and avionic component mounting. This course is offered on an "as needed" basis. This class is a total of 66 hours.

Sheet Metal and Riveting
This course introduces the student to the skills needed to fabricate an airframe from standard tempered aluminum sheet metal. This course covers the basics of safety and PPE, Code of Federal regulations related to aircraft and types of fasteners used in aircraft fabrication.  Additionally, tools needed in metal working are introduced and techniques used in bending and shaping of aluminum parts, as well as riveting skills are introduced and developed. This course is offered on an "as needed" basis.  This class is a total of 66 hours.

Composite Manufacture
Aircraft manufacturers have developed new materials to build faster and lighter aircraft. These techniques include building aircraft parts from fiberglass-like materials. This course introduces the student to safety and Personal Protective Equipment needed, the different material used in composite manufacture, volume measurement, lay-up and manufacturing techniques, and quality issues. This course is offered on an "as needed" basis.  This class is a total of 72 hours.

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