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Computer Applications



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Computer Applications

Computer courses are available in Beginning Computers, Internet/Email, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office Applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Classes are available on the Golden Triangle Campus, Macon, and DeKalb.

Beginning Computers: Beginning Computers offers an introductory class to individuals who have had little or no experience with computers. 

Keyboarding:  The Keyboarding class will introduce individuals to the proper keyboarding techniques.

Internet/Email: The Internet/Email class allows individuals, who have had little or no experience using the internet.  Students will also have the opportunity to set up a free email account and learn how to write, send, delete, and read emails while also learning how to organize an address book and set up email lists.

Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word provides tools for creating and sharing professional word processing documents.  Instructions, activities, and applications will focus on becoming familiar with creating and formatting letters and envelopes, mail merge, creating and saving files on the hard drive and disks, and other activities related to everyday business and personal applications.

Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel provides an assortment of powerful tools for organizing vast amounts of information in columns and rows. The main function of Excel is calculating numbers (expense reports, monthly budgets, interest, etc.), the program also has the capability of organizing information such as alphabetizing a list of names or other text.  Individuals will learn the language/terms associated with Excel, how to write formulas, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint will provide individuals the skills needed to create dynamic, powerful presentations for a business meeting or for a fun family gathering. PowerPoint’s tools will help individuals organize, develop, and deliver presentations with precision, control and creativity. Individuals will learn how to include personal photographs, personal information, etc. in their own personal PowerPoint presentation. 

QuickBooks: The QuickBooks class is designed for the business sector and will allow individuals to learn how to manage their business finances faster and with more ease.  The QuickBooks class will enable individuals to track expenses, bills, sales tax, get reminders when bills are due, view bills, create invoices, locate customer and vendor records instantly, etc.

For information or to register for classes, please contact: 

Carey Butler at (662) 243-1967 or email


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