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Student Housing: Scooba campus

EMCC maintains six residence halls and 30 cottages on the Scooba campus which house about
600 students. These residence halls are air-conditioned and equipped with furniture and utilities essential
for comfortable living. Students must provide their own linens, pillows and toilet articles.

Students who want to live on campus should submit a Housing Application to the Dean of Student Affairs Office:

  • Housing Application, new and returning students
  • There are also a limited number of Resident Assistant positions available.
    To apply for one of these positions, fill out the RA Application.

Students who want to live in a residence hall must also pay a $100 deposit at the Business Office.

The deposit will remain on file until the student discontinues participation in campus housing. The room deposit will be refunded, provided there are no charges for damages or other debts to the college and providing the student completes a Housing Withdrawal Form with the residence hall supervisor, Dean of Student Affairs or Vice President of Student Services. Request for refund is made to the Dean of Student Affairs or the Vice President of Student Services Office.

No student will be allowed to live in college housing for more than six semesters without approval of the Residence Hall Appeals Committee. In the event of limited residence hall space, Mississippi residents will be given first preference. A limited number of out-of-state residence hall spaces will be reserved to coincide with scholarship limits for non-residents as established by the MACJC.
If you have questions, or need more information, contact Dean of Student Affairs Tony Montgomery, (662) 476-5062.
Requirements for residence hall students:

Space in East Mississippi Community College's residence halls is limited, and students who live on campus must meet a number of requirements to qualify for, and maintain, their status. You can review the general housing guidelines covering conduct in the EMCC Student Handbook. There are academic requirements as well. We know it seems like a lot of rules, but we take academic achievement seriously:
  • All students must be enrolled in and maintain a minimum of 12 semester hours of on-ground courses to live in a residence hall.
  • Any student who is enrolled at EMCC must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA to be eligible for campus housing. For freshmen, the minimum GPA is 1.50; for sophomores, the minimum GPA is 1.75. Residence hall students who are in non-compliance with these GPA standards at mid-term (9 weeks) will be sent a written warning of their residence hall status. Notification of non-compliance of these regulations will be made by the Director of Student Housing.
  • Any student in non-compliance with the GPA requirements at mid-term will be required to attend counseling and study aid programs two nights a week under the direction of assigned staff. The study aid program schedule will be posted in residence halls and classrooms in advance.
  • Students attending the study aid programs will be allowed a maximum of two unexcused absences. Any student exceeding two unexcused absences will immediately lose housing privileges. The Dean of Student Services will determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.
  • While attending the study aid programs, any student who is disruptive and/or presents a disciplinary problem will immediately lose housing privileges and may receive additional sanctions depending on the violation(s).
  • If students at the end of the semester are in non-compliance, they will lose campus housing privileges until their cumulative GPA is 1.50 or above.
  • Any person may appeal dismissal from campus housing by doing so in writing to the Director of Student Housing or the Dean of Student Services. Any appeal by a student not meeting these requirements will be directed to the Residence Hall Appeals Committee which will be designated by the President.
East Mississippi Community College
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