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Admission requirements

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Admission Requirements

General admission requirements:

  • East Mississippi Community College ascribes to an “open admissions” policy consistent with all laws.
  • East Mississippi Community College embraces the philosophy that students will be provided the opportunities for learning experiences (e.g., developmental courses, counseling and tutorial assistance) that will help them succeed in achieving their educational goals.
  • East Mississippi Community College may use relevant diagnostic instruments to determine the strengths and needs of students in order to assist in the selection of the most appropriate options to ensure student success.
  • All applicants are notified of their admission status as requested information is received in the Admissions Office. All applicants who have met admission requirements will be accepted to the College. General admission to EMCC does not guarantee admission to a specific program. Contact the Counseling Center or program instructors for additional program requirements.

Academic and Career-Technical students:

Academic students are students who are taking classes that lead to the Associate of Arts degree. In general, academic students intend to transfer their work completed at EMCC to a another college or university and have the work apply toward a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

Career-Technical students are students who are taking classes that lead to the Associate in Applied Science degree. This degree combines intensive technical training in a specific career with relevant academic courses and professional development. The Associate of Applied Science degree is traditionally structured for completion in four semesters by students who are academically prepared for college level work.

For students who need developmental courses, a minimum of one additional semester may be needed for successful completion of a program of study.

Applicants who feel that they may not meet ACT or other placement requirements are encouraged to seek advisement and placement in the spring or summer session prior to regular admission in the fall.

The process for meeting admissions requirement to the College includes:

  • Submit an online application for admission to the Admissions Office.
  • First-time students must submit an official high school transcript reflecting an academic Mississippi High School Diploma. Alternatively, the student could submit an official high school transcript showing twenty (20) acceptable high school units or submit an official GED transcript with satisfactory scores. If the high school transcript is from a school that is not accredited, the prospective student must present an official GED transcript with satisfactory scores or submit an ACT composite of 20 or higher.
  • Home schooled students must submit an official transcript with a graduation date from a recognized school agency and signed by an official of that agency or an official transcript signed by a parent with a notarized sworn affidavit stating that the student’s record is accurate and complete. The transcript must show all courses completed, grades earned, and number of units. Course descriptions may be required.
  • ACT scores are required of all students under 21 years of age, except transfer students. All applicable ACT requirements are waived for any student who has completed a technical degree program or higher degree program from an accredited institution equal to or greater in length than the emphasis the student is seeking to enter. (The ACT is recommended for all students because ACT scores are required for placement in math, English, some science classes and some career/technical programs.)
  • All students must also meet placement requirements, including ACT scores and other requirements as specified by academic and technical counseling.
  • Out-of-state students must meet the equivalent admission requirements outlined for Mississippi students.

Career Education Programs:

Career Education students are students who are taking classes that lead to a Certificate of Proficiency. The Certificate of Proficiency is a validation that the student has completed an intensive, full-time schedule of training in a specific skill area.

Career education students who enroll at East Mississippi Community College are required to meet the following admission requirements:

  • Submit an online application for admission to the Admissions Office.
  • Students must meet number two (2) under Academic and Career-Technical Programs to enroll in Career Education Programs. However, when enrollment space is available, students may qualify for admission into Automotive Mechanics, Machine Tool Operations or Welding and Fabrication Technology by: a) being 18 years of age; b) having completed the tenth grade or equivalent units toward the academic Mississippi High School Diploma; and c) showing ability-to-benefit by appropriate performance on the COMPASS test.
  • Students seeking admission to Career Education Programs must meet specific requirements as outlined in each program. For these requirements, visit the Counseling Center or Program Advisors.
  • Some Career/Technical Programs waive the ACT requirements if the student has completed a career program or a higher degree from an accredited institution equal to or greater in emphasis than the emphasis the student is seeking to enter. For Practical Nursing students, the minimum ACT scores are set by the Mississippi Community College Board for entrance.


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