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Why EMCC? To create a better life for me and my sons ...

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Why EMCC? To create a better life for me and my sons ...









Tiquanna Phillips

Electrical Technology
Golden Triangle campus

Spring 2013 graduate

From Steens, Miss.​


How I got here:
I am a mother of two boys, Ja'kele and O'Ryan, and I’m a songstress at various places around the Golden Triangle area. I've been in retail for six years and I relax by reading, singing and cooking. I made the decision to come to EMCC when I decided to create a better life for me and my sons. I broke away from the fear of moving forward, inspired by my father and two close friends. Once I filled in the registration form and passed the COMPASS test, my new beginning started.
What I’ve accomplished:
I chose to pursue Electrical Technology because I'm good with my hands, this is a natural talent of my father, and with the inspiration of an woman, Army, pushing me to do anything to which I set my mind. As a woman in this male-dominated field, it pleased me to see another woman teaching it. That, in itself, made me thrilled at the challenge ahead. The instruction I've received here has been clear and "person-friendly." And for those things I didn’t quite understand, there were friendly people all around to help assist me. I have also participated in conferences that empower our young ladies, and women, such as the WIST Conference. Going to events like these showed me the many opportunities here.
What’s next:
I’ve earned a Vocational Certificate in Electrical Technology. My goals as an electrician consist of becoming  certified, looking for the best job for me this summer – and coming back to get my Associate’s Degree in the fall. EMCC helps me by giving me the opportunity to become successful in my field of choice and by providing the teachers and the aids I need to accomplish my goals.
My advice:
I don't regret making the choice to become an electrician. I would tell all the young, and older, women as well as the young and older men behind me to keep moving toward the goal of becoming whatever you want to be. Don't let the people or things intimidate you, for the road you travel on is yours and yours alone.
What her instructor, Joanna Alford, says:
Tiquanna is not only a wonderful student, but also a wonderful person. She has a keen attention to detail that adds tremendous worth to her as a perspective employee. I have been inspired to see how she has handled the challenges she has encountered as an electrical student. She transitions between work, family and school with apparent ease. The future holds no limits for such a talented, hard-working lady.​

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