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Why I chose EMCC ... I love muscle cars!

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Why I chose EMCC ... I love muscle cars!









Steven "Bear" Hunt

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Scooba campus

Spring 2012 graduate

From Louisville, Miss.​


How I got here:
I was born and raised in Louisville, Miss. I’m the son of Rena Lockett, and the brother of Quanaeqa Hunt. I attend Mount Bell Baptist Church. I graduated from Louisville High School. I like to draw, fix things, play games and cook. I’m a well-rounded guy, friendly, respectful, kind and willing. I strive to do my best at everything I do. In high school I was unsure about my future. All I knew was that I want to make money working on things. As a kid I shadowed my uncle; he is a mechanic in Memphis, Tenn., so I want to be like him and more. I took metal trades in high school my junior and senior year. After graduating from high school, I went to Universal Technical Institute in Houston, Texas, and studied automotive technology. I chose the welding and fabrication program at EMCC to get certified and to build my technical skills.
What I’ve accomplished:
I chose welding because of the different things you can do, from being creative to fixing things. I made a few projects this school year. I made great friends around campus. I competed with a couple of my classmate to challenge our techniques and skills. I like how my teacher takes the time to explain how the task at hand goes, how it works.
What’s next:
I plan to be an auto mechanic. I love cars, especially muscle cars. I want to combine my knowledge of automotive and welding, and start my own business fixing and working on cars. Entering EMCC help me excel in welding and it’s given me a clear state of mind on how I’m going to plan my future. It’s helped me become a more responsible and better person. I’d suggest EMCC to every new student who wants a good education and who wants to excel in what you love and want to be.
My advice:
Give your all in everything you do. Be attentive in class, show your full potential and you will go far in your education and profession.
What his instructor, Thomas Holifield, says:
Steven “Bear” Hunt is a great student who has the ability to test an instructor’s knowledge and abilities due to his desire for learning and his natural welding skills. This is a welcome challenge in my classroom and lab. He is always up for a challenge and always has a smile on his face.

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