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Heard it one too many times ... "You didn't go to college"

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Heard it one too many times ... "You didn't go to college"









Beverly Hardin

Health Care Assistant

Scooba campus

Spring 2012 graduate

From Macon, Miss.​


How I got here:
My name is Beverly Hardin and I am a mother of three. I had, at the age of 18, obtained my license as a CAN. I did not appreciate my license at the time. I was young and thought I could do better than serving others. I forgot to mention I received my certification through a two-week nursing home training program. I am a 1993 graduate of Noxubee County High School. I am a first-time college student. I watched gifted family members drop out of school, and I tried to talk them into staying in school and going to college. I got this answer every time, “You didn’t go to college.” So, that was my motivation. I decided my cook and cashier job was not setting an example. I wanted more out of life. After the age of 24, I noticed something. I was always trying to help others. Imagine that change … from an 18-year-old who didn’t want to help others. EMCC was my first thought and, this time, I will appreciate my knowledge.
What I’ve accomplished:
I accomplished learning things I never knew. My instructor, Mrs. Jackson, taught me with the knowledge of a patient professor and, more, the support of a saint. Mrs. Moore is my clinical instructor and she has taught us so much, like how to listen. She has taken up the slack parts of knowledge that somehow I missed in lectures. Mrs. Moore always guided us through our daily clinicals with a spiritual wisdom of guidance. Mrs. Box helped me with my self-esteem and when I had doubts about what I could accomplish in one of my classes. My instructors are great and very motivating.
What's next:
I plan on finding a job after graduation. Later, if the opportunity presents itself, I would like to further my education as a Licensed Practical Nurse. EMCC has helped me accomplish the basic part of my goal.  
My advice: 
Always go in wanting to learn. Do you best at all times. Appreciate your experience, instructors and classmates. The main things to remember is it’s just like church. If you don’t bring anything to class, you won't get anything out of school, don’t expect to get anything out of class. I hadn’t set foot in a classroom since 1993. If I can go to class and clinical every day and accomplish what I have, think about it … you can do so much better. I have three children, ages 13, 17 and 9. I have football practices, band practices, and just the everyday stuff of running a home. Want your experiences, your education and skills. Always remember knowledge is a very powerful thing. Embrace it daily.
What her instructor, Jennifer Jackson, said:
Beverly is a very hard-working student who is dedicated to becoming a successful health care provider.  She takes class seriously and has performed in an outstanding manner this semester in both academic achievement and clinical assignment.

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