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First thought: Yeah, I definitely want go to school here!

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First thought: Yeah, I definitely want go to school here!









Tyler Henslee

Forestry Technology
Scooba campus

Spring 2013 graduate

From Nanafalia, Ala.​


How I got here:
Hunting and fishing is my passion. I love being outdoors. I am a member of Nanafalia Baptist Church, which I attend every Sunday when I am at home for the weekend. EMCC’s Forestry Technology program is what brought me here. Since I can remember, I always wanted to go to forestry school somewhere. I chose EMCC because I heard great things about the forestry program, as well as the school itself. My first thought when I stepped foot on EMCC’s campus was, “Yeah, I definitely want go to school here.”
What I’ve accomplished:
I chose forestry for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because my dad is a forester. Growing up with him being a forester is what got me interested in it. The second reason I chose forestry is because of the love I have for the outdoors. The quality of instruction at EMCC overall is very good, both in the classroom and in the field. I have learned a great deal from EMCC and also have had tons of fun attending school here. I definitely think I made a great decision by choosing to come to EMCC.
What’s next:
My career goal is to own my own forestry consultant business. After graduation, I will attend Mississippi State University to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry.
My advice:
My advice to all future students attending EMCC is to go to class every day and do your homework, especially in college algebra. Also, be outgoing. EMCC has lots of events at all times of the year that you can participate in. You can earn a degree and have a great time.
What his instructor, Bob Walker, says:
Tyler has to be one of the happiest young men I have ever known. He always has a grin on his face regardless of the time of day. He came by the Forestry Department daily to visit and talk about forestry and world events. Tyler will be a hard-working, dedicated forester some day.​

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