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Why EMCC? My roommate told me about it!

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Why EMCC? My roommate told me about it!









Greg Guy

Forestry Technology
 Scooba campus

Spring 2012 graduate

From Meridian, Miss.​


How I got here:
My name is Greg Guy. I'm from Meridian, Miss., and I attended West Lauderdale High School. After graduating in 2007, I attended Meridian Community College because they had a tuition guarantee program, just like EMCC does. Next, I moved on to Mississippi State, but I decided that the university just wasn’t for me. That’s when my roommate told me about EMCC and how they had an excellent forestry program. So I checked it out, realized it was right up my alley and decided to enroll.
What I’ve accomplished:
I love the outdoors and anything to do with the outdoors. My grandfather told me long ago that, when I chose a career, I had better choose one doing something I love. Some of the material I have learned during my time at EMCC wasn’t the easiest, but my passion for forestry kept me driven to study and understand it. That's also where the instructors came in. Mr. Bob Walker and Mr. Dustin Snow have plenty of hands-on experience in the forestry field. They've seen many ups and downs, as well as changes, and it makes them better able to explain and teach their classes the different aspects of forestry. I feel that they have definitely prepared me for an excellent career in forestry.
What's next:
After graduating from EMCC, I hope to land a job as a procurement forester, buying timber. The interaction with land owners and the excitement of bidding on tracts of timber caught my eye as soon as I became interested in forestry. With the education that I have received at EMCC, I believe I am prepared to tackle anything the "real world" throws at me.
My advice: 
My advice to future students would be just to have fun. Listen to what your teachers have to say, even if you don’t believe them at the time. And get involved, the future of the forestry program and of forestry as a whole depends on getting new people interested in forestry.
What his instructor, Bob Walker, says:
Greg is an excellent student with good work ethics. One thing that has always impressed me about Greg is his willingness to help his classmates. If they need help during a classroom exercise, or out in the field, he is always willing to lend a helping hand. In the past two years, Greg has done some part-time work as a timber cruiser for Stacy Madison Forestry Services and Midstar Timber Harvesting Co. He has also worked part time for Electric Mills Wood Preserving. Greg would like to be a timber buyer. I believe that whatever he decides to do in the forestry industry, he will be successful. I wish him the best.

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