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The skills I needed to realize my dream ...

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The skills I needed to realize my dream ...









Carlton Ray Hollis Jr.

Drafting & Design Technology
Golden Triangle campus

Spring 2013 graduate

From Columbus, Miss.​


How I got here:
My name is Carlton R. Hollis Jr. In the photo, I'm holding the tape measure while my Bill Gavin, one of my instructors, records measurements. I am from the Columbus, MS area. I am married and have three children. I enjoy hunting, fishing and golf. I started college in 1994 and took classes off and on for a few years.  I chose not to complete my degree and just to work full-time. Flash forward 19 years and I am nearing graduation. I decided last year that I needed a career change and chose to return to East Mississippi Community College to complete my degree in Drafting and Design.
What I’ve accomplished:
I chose Drafting and Design because I love to create. The instruction I have received at EMCC has enabled me to work independently with minimal instruction. The teaching styles of my instructors and the availability of online materials for study have helped to give me the confidence to pursue my career with no fear of failure.
What’s next:
My career goal is to work with CAD and design need specific products and drawings. This goal has already been achieved. I am currently employed full-time with an engineer in Starkville and I am self-employed doing freelance CAD work from home. Attending EMCC provided me with the skills I needed to realize my dream.
My advice:
My advice to future students at EMCC is to go above and beyond what your instructors require of you.  Use all the available resources they provide for you. Don’t just try to do enough to get by, strive for excellence at all times.
What his instructor, Kevin Lee Baird, says:
From day one I knew Carlton meant business. He had arrived early, he already had most of his supplies and he had picked a seat at the front of the class. After talking with him, I found out that he was working the night shift at a local manufacturing company and got off work at 7 a.m. I couldn’t believe that a father of three could work all night and still have the energy to take face-to-face classes, most of which he didn’t get out of until one or two in the afternoon. Mr. Hollis continued that schedule for three of his four semesters here at EMCC, and was able to maintain the highest average in his drafting classes. In his final semester, all that hard work finally paid off. He landed a job doing contractual work around the Golden Triangle area and turned that into a full-time position.​

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