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Why EMCC? I want my own full-service salon ...

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Why EMCC? I want my own full-service salon ...










Tessa Jones


Golden Triangle campus

From Columbus, Miss.​


How I got here:
I am 31 years old, married and have two children.
My daughter, Makayla, is 10 years old. My son, Patrick, is 7 years old.  I went to school for cosmetology in 1997‐98 at Mary Holmes Junior College. After the summer break, I decided not to go back – instead, I joined the U.S. Navy. While in the Navy, I met and married my husband, Patrick Jones.
In the meantime, I let him get his career together while I stayed home, worked and took care of the kids.

What I’m doing:
I’ve always worked with the public and I’ve always like doing hair. I decided to come back to school in 2009, but was too late at taking the test and signing up, so I came in 2010. I’m glad I did. I am learning a lot and the experience has been great. Our instructor gives us just what we need to practice as we go out in the real world. We can know what to expect and more.

What’s next:
My goal is to open my own full‐service salon. When I first graduate, I plan to work with someone in their shop or salon to get more experience. While working with others, I want to save money so I can build my own business.  After working in my own shop, I plan to manage others and later on, go back to school to get my instructor’s license.  I also plan to take some business/management courses to help me understand and manage my business.

Her instructor says:
Tessa Jones has a professional and natural ability that makes her an outstanding student. She is always eager to help her classmates and she is pleasant to be with. In a service career such as cosmetology, these qualities are important to becoming successful.

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