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Computers, they're everywhere! (Updated Jan. 2014)

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Computers, they're everywhere! (Updated Jan. 2014)









Ashley Terry

Computer Networking Technology

Golden Triangle campus

Spring 2012 graduate

Native of Blue Spring, Missouri​


How I got here:
It was a rough transition for me, from being a full-time gymnast plus high school, to trying to focus only on getting my college education. Previously, my time was completely filled up with doing homework, going to gymnastics practice and competitions. I found it hard to find something to fill the void when I finally had to quit gymnastics and go to school. I moved down to Mississippi from Missouri about two years go. I was enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy in Missouri, and when I moved down to Mississippi, I needed an affordable school to complete my education. East Mississippi Community College was a good choice for me. EMCC is very affordable, even for out-of-state students. 
What I’ve accomplished:
Technology runs in the family. My dad is an electrical engineer, and my brother is a graduate of the Cisco Networking Academy. So, I started to weigh my options about what careers are currently in demand. Computers! Computers are everywhere, and they seem to be sticking around! With that in mind, I chose Computer Networking Technology. The teachers are fantastic and the class sizes are perfect for me. I am a hands-on learner, which is what instructors Brandon Sesser and Sandra Coleman offer. While I was attending the East Mississippi Job Fair at EMCC last year, I landed an internship at Weyerhaeuser, which only helped further my interest in the information technology field. The field experience from the internship has also been a very important part of my education.
What’s next:
I plan to continue my education. I will be moving to Little Rock, Arkansas, where I will take online classes to complete my bachelor's degree. After that, I am hoping to land a computer repair job or a job in computer networking. I have found a university where all of my credits will transfer from EMCC, which makes continuing my education that much easier.
My advice:
Do your homework! I know it’s only worth a few percent of your overall grade, but if you do the homework, it can make the difference between a
B and an A. Plus homework is basically practice, and practice makes perfect. Trust me, you want to get an education!  My previous job was a manager at McDonald's and that job may be for some people but, with my education, I will not have to be on my feet all day, the work will be physically easier and the pay will be so much better!
What her instructor, Sandra Coleman, says:
I can’t say enough about Ashley! She is a hard-working student and very dependable. She always does what she is asked to do and is willing to help out her peers when necessary. She has been working and going to school this entire year and has managed to maintain A’s in all her classes.  She is an intelligent, diligent student who makes it look easy … even if
it isn’t. 

Update: January 2014

I am currently a full-time senior at Mississippi University for Women. EMCC has helped prepare me to continue my education and hopefully get my bachelor's at the end of this year! I love how much I learned at EMCC ... The hands-on experience and small classes made it feel like the teachers cared if I failed or succeeded.



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