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Why EMCC? I hope to run my own business ...

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Why EMCC? I hope to run my own business ...









Hunter Johnson

University transfer, Accounting
Golden Triangle campus

Spring 2013 graduate

From Columbus, Miss.​


How I got here:
I graduated from Victory Christian Academy in May 2011. I work at Chick-Fil-A in Columbus. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, working out, and studying the Bible. I really chose EMCC because it seemed like the obvious choice. I made a 21 on my act, so I was eligible for the tuition guarantee. My family also encouraged me to come to EMCC because they thought it would benefit me more than going straight to a senior college. They were right!
What I’ve accomplished:
I chose my field of study because I hope to run my own business. Accounting and my business courses in general will help me accomplish that. Most all my teachers were great. They were willing to meet with me after class if needed, and they never hesitated to answer in-class questions as well. I almost graduated with a 4.0 and the economics award, but I am now humbled to just be graduating.
What’s next:
Well, I am excited about what is going to happen next. This summer I plan on getting my certification as a personal trainer. The next two years at Mississippi State I plan to work as a personal trainer at a local gym. When I graduate from State I hope to have enough clients to be able to start my own business as a personal trainer with my associates in Accounting and Bachelors in business management.
My advice:
Community college does not always seem fun. Your friends might have gone straight to a senior college and you are still at home. Keep your head up. EMCC is a fine school. Keep this in mind “For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.
What his instructor, Michael L. Coffey, says:
Hunter is a fine young man along with being an excellent student. His work ethic and attendance record are outstanding.  Every question or comment made during both my macro and microeconomics classes was both accurate and relevant. I’m sure he’ll be successful in whatever avenue he pursues both academically and in his career field.

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