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Why EMCC? It's the next big step in my education

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Why EMCC? It's the next big step in my education









Dylan Lee Dixon

Sports Medicine

Scooba campus

From Carthage, Miss.​


How I got here:
I am the youngest of three children. I attend John Memorial Methodist Church in Carthage. I attended Choctaw Central High School, and Seminole State College in Oklahoma. I wanted to move back home and keep pursuing my education. I would like to earn a degree in sports medicine and work with my tribe, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. I enjoy playing football, and I love the Florida Gators!  Go Gators!  I enjoy playing stickball, a traditional Choctaw sport, every summer at the Choctaw Indian Fair.
What I'm doing:
I am not involved with campus activities because I am a commuter student driving from Carthage.  I am receiving good instruction at EMCC, and I know that I am being prepared to obtain my educational goals.  I have interned and worked over the summer with Choctaw Tribal Government.
What’s next:
After graduating from EMCC, I plan to attend the University of Tennessee. I feel that in order to help people to the best of my ability, I need to receive as much education as I can possibly attain.
My advice:
Make the most of your time here at EMCC. You must be dedicated to learning. It is important, even at a young age, to be serious about the future. There are many events to choose from on campus. Choose the ones you enjoy most, and spend the rest of your time studying and working.
What his instructor, Marie Gordon, says:
This is an amazing student who is definitely serious about his education. Even with his long commute, he manages to stay current in his class work. He has an interesting culture and is willing to share that with me. I am really thankful that I got to know this amazing person.​

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