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Getting started: Registration guide


Online classes (eLearning)

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Registration: eLearning/Online classes

East Mississippi Community College offers a large number of online classes through the Mississippi Virtual Community College Consortium. If you've got the discipline to set your own study hours, online classes are a great way to take a step forward in your education -- while also holding down a job, taking care of your family or meeting other obligations that make it hard to attend classes at one of EMCC's campuses. Registration for online students is very similar to registration for traditional students.


Apply for admission​

Faye Morgan, (662)243-1923
Melinda Sciple, (662) 476-5040
Specific questions about eLearning: Chris Square,
(662) 476-5347
  • Request official transcripts from the high school or last college you attended. Your last school will send them by mail unless you make other arrangements. If you hand-deliver your transcripts, they must be in a sealed envelope.
  • If you’re not a high school graduate, you don’t have official transcripts. But that’s OK. You can take the GED test through EMCC Adult Basic Education. A passing GED score can be used to substitute for this requirement.
  • If you graduated from a high school that is not accredited, you can take the GED test or submit an ACT composite score of 20 or higher.
  • Transfer students must submit transcripts from all previous colleges attended in order to receive financial aid. (If you're planning to take a course or program that has an ACT prerequisite, you will need to make sure that you've sent your ACT scores to us. They are usually not included on college transcripts.)​

Faye Morgan, (662)243-1923
Melinda Sciple, (662) 476-5040
3.​ Entrance Exams​
EMCC needs your score on one of two entrance exams used to help with placement and scholarships:
  • All incoming students under the age of 21 must take the ACT test. If you haven’t taken the test on one of the national test dates, you can take the ACT through EMCC’s Counseling Office. We administer the ACT to incoming EMCC students only.
  • Students under 21 who are not satisfied with their ACT scores can choose to take the COMPASS test instead of re-taking the ACT.
  • If you are over 21, the COMPASS test can replace the ACT as an admission requirement. And, like the ACT, you can take the COMPASS test through EMCC’s Counseling Office.

(662) 243-1925
(662) 476-5088


4.​ Financial Aid ​
This link to EMCC’s Financial Aid Office includes information about how to apply for federal and state student aid, EMCC scholarships and Federal Direct Student Loans.
  • At a minimum, students arriving at EMCC to register should have already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form online. First, get a PIN number; then fill out the application.
  • Residents of EMCC’s six-county district who graduated in the most recent past semester from an accredited public, private or home school may also qualify for EMCC’s Tuition Guarantee program.
  • Here's a listing of tuition and fees.​
Jim Gibson, (662) 476-5078
Garry Jones, (662) 243-2643
Gypsy Gray, (662) 243-1928
If you have a disability, and EMCC needs to make arrangements to accommodate your needs, visit Disability Support Services for information and applications.​
(662) 243-1979
(662) 476-5048
6.​ Ready?​ Have you gathered up all your documents? Filled out the appropriate forms? OK, then you're ready to arrive in person to register ... and you'll be glad you took the time to do your homework. For instructions about what to do once you're here, visit our On-site registration guide.
7.​ Logging on​

After you've completed registration at either the Scooba or Golden Triangle campus, go to East Mississippi Community College's Leo portal,, to access Canvas. Just look for the Canvas link on the right side of the page once you log on to Leo. Then use this guide to help you get set up for the semester.​

If you have problems, or need to ask a question:


(Arkansas Students Only)

In accordance with the request of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education:  

  • Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board certification does not constitute an endorsement of any institution, course or degree program. Such certification merely indicates that certain minimum standards have been met under the rules and regulations of institutional certification as defined in Arkansas Code 6-61-301.
  • The student should be aware that these degree programs may not transfer. The transfer of course/degree credit is determined by the receiving institution.



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