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Getting started: Registration guide


Military extension: Columbus AFB

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Registration: Columbus Air Force Base Extension

EMCC students taking classes at EMCC's Columbus Air Force Base Extension, whether active-duty or civilian, can complete registration on base ... if they do their homework. The way to make sure that happens is to complete all of the steps in our "Before you ever leave home" checklist.

Here's what happens next. Do these steps in the order the appear, because each step depends on the one before it, and it's no fun standing in the same line twice.



1. Background check
Because you'll be entering a U.S. military base during the time you're taking classes, the Air Force needs to run a background check on you. Click this link to get a copy of the form, which grants permission for the check, and give it to EMCC staff at the extension campus.​
​Does not apply to active-duty military​ ​This applies to you​​
Driving a car on base
The first time you come to the base, you'll need to stop by the Visitors' Center at the main gate and get a base pass, that is, permission to enter the base during the time you're taking classes. To do this, you'll need:
  • Two forms of ID, one with a photo
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Valid driver's license
Does not apply to active-duty military​ This applies to you​
EMCC staff will review your application materials, and make sure you've done everything on the "What to do before you leave home" checklist. If you haven't, some steps can be completed along the way ... it will slow you down, but it can be done. But if you're missing these, you can't proceed at all:
  • New students: ACT score and high school transcript
  • Transfer students: Transcripts from the last school you attended.
Education Office, Columbus AFB​ Same
4.​ Make out your class schedule
Discuss what classes you need to take with an EMCC counselor.​
Education Office, Columbus AFB​ Same​
Financial aid
Meet with an EMCC financial aid advisor about the kinds of assistance you can receive, and in what amounts. If you haven't completed the Financial Aid steps on the "What to do before you leave home" list, you'll have to do them now.
At the end of your visit, they'll give you a print-out of your financial aid package, including what you owe.
Education Office, Columbus AFB​ Same​
6.​ Tuition assistance
Tuition assistance is available through the military for active-duty personnel, so make these arrangements before you complete the EMCC registration process. You should still fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in the "Before you leave home" checklist because financial assistance awarded through this program can be used to purchase textbooks.​
Education Office, Columbus AFB​ This program does not apply to you, but there may be other EMCC programs that do. See the "Before you leave home" checklist.
Paying the bill
An EMCC business office employee will review your financial aid print-out, and you'll make payment arrangements.
Education Office, Columbus AFB​

Get your books

  • If you're taking classes on-site, you buy your books at the Education Office, Columbus Air Force Base.
  • If you're taking classes online, go to the bookstore at EMCC's Golden Triangle campus. Make sure you take a copy of your schedule.


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