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Getting started: Registration guide


Military extension: NAS Meridian

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Registration: NAS Meridian Extension

EMCC students taking classes at Naval Air Station Meridian register for classes at the base. All NAS Meridian students need to finish the "Before you ever leave home" checklist, then seek out James Rush, Associate Dean for Instruction, at (662) 476-5386 Monday through Friday. Mr. Rush will take you through the registration steps listed in the "Once you arrive on campus" checklist.


A couple of notes:

Active-duty military students have an extra step in the area of financial aid. Tuition assistance is available through the U.S. Navy, so make these arrangements before you start the EMCC registration process. You should still fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid because financial assistance awarded through this program can be used to purchase textbooks.

Civilian students will need to visit EMCC's Scooba campus to get a student ID card made. Enquire at Tubb-May Memorial Library, (662) 476-5055.

Civilian students must also fill out a Vehicle Registration Card at NAS Meridian's main gate so you can enter to attend classes. To complete this process, you'll need:

  • Current EMCC student I.D. and Driver's License
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) vehicle registration form
  • Proof of automobile insurance that complies with Mississippi law
  • You must agree to allow your vehicle to be searched on request. This permission is on the back o fthe base's vehicle registration card.
  • A student need not own a vehicle to register it, but must have a lease agreement, power of attorney or a signed letter from the owner of the vehicle specifying the inclusive dates for which permission to use the vehicle has been granted.
  • For motorcycles  and motor scooters, students must also have valid proof of completion of an approved motorcycle safety course.

All students taking classes at Naval Air Station Meridian must have a valid EMCC ID, unless they are military or military dependants. If you are stopped by law enforcement officers while on base, you will be required to have a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and liability insurance (at least) on the vehicle you are driving.



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