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Practical Nursing


Program of study

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Practical Nursing

Program of study

The Practical Nursing Program is a course of study designed to prepare individuals to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. The program is designed to be completed within 12 months of admission into the first nursing class. All students must maintain full time status once beginning the program.


The Practical Nurse will gain classroom and laboratory instruction in such areas as: vocational adjustments, basic nursing skills, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, human growth and development, pharmacology, maternal child nursing, emotional and mental illness, and medical/surgical nursing. Affiliating hospitals and healthcare agencies provide clinical experiences.


A student must apply to the program, meet all requirements and be selected in order to register for Nursing Courses. Pre-requisites are listed below. See the East Mississippi Community College Catalogue for description of pre-requisites. All science courses must have been completed within the last 5 years. Students must receive a C or higher in all prerequisites.



BIO 2514—ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I                                   4 HOURS
BIO 2524—ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II                                  4 HOURS        
                                                                                   8 HOURS
*(PNV 1213)      Body Structure and Function                               3 HOURS
(PNV 1426)        Fundamentals of Nursing                                    6 HOURS
(PNV 1437)         Fundamentals of Nursing Lab/Clinical              7 HOURS
                                                                                                      13 HOURS
(PNV1615)          Medical/Surgical Nursing                                      5 HOURS
(PNV 1622)         Medical/Surgical Nursing Clinical                         2 HOURS
(PNV 1635)         Alterations in Adult Health                                    5 HOURS
(PNV 1642)         Alterations in Adult Health Clinical                       2 HOURS
(PNV 1524)         IV Therapy & Pharmacology                                  4 HOURS
                                                                                                         18 HOURS
(PNV 1714)         Maternal-Child Nursing                                           4 HOURS
(PNV 1814)         Psychiatric Concepts                                                4 HOURS
(PNV 1914)         Nursing Transitions                                                  4 HOURS
                                                                                                            12 HOURS
* BIO 2514—ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I and BIO 2524—ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II will be substituted for PNV 1213 Body Structure and Function     





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