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Precision Manufacturing & Machining


Required courses

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Precision Manufacturing & Machining

Required courses 

Freshman Year

First Semester
15 Semester Hours
MST 1313 Machine Tool Mathematics 3 Semester Hours
MST 1116 Power Machinery I 6 Semester Hours
MST 1413 Blueprint Reading 3 Semester Hours
Computer science elective 3 Semester Hours

Second Semester
20 Semester Hours  
MST 1126 Power Machinery II 6 Semester Hours
MST 1423 Advanced Blueprint Reading 3 Semester Hours
MST 1613 Precision Layout 3 Semester Hours
DDT 1113 Fundamentals of Drafting 3 Semester Hours
IMM Manufacturing Skills Basic 5 Semester Hours
Students who lack entry-level skills in math, English, science, and so forth will be provided related studies.
Baseline competencies are taken from high school Metal Trades or machine Shop programs. Students who can document mastery of these competencies should not receive duplicate instruction. Students who cannot demonstrate mastery will be required to do so.

Work-based Learning is available as an additional elective based on opportunity and requirements.


Sophomore Year

First Semester
15 Semester Hours
MST 2135 Power Machinery III 5 Semester Hours
MST 2714 Computer Numerical Control Operations I 4 Semester Hours
MST 2813 Metallurgy 3 Semester Hours
​MST 2733 Fundamentals of CAD/CAM ​3 Semester Hours

Second Semester

15 Semester Hours
MST 2144 Power Machinery IV 4 Semester Hours
MST 2725 Computer Numerical Control Operations II 5 Semester Hours
DDT 1313 Principles of CAD 3 Semester Hours
MST 2912 Specials Problems in Precision
Manufacturing & Machining Tech
3 Semester Hours

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