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Required courses

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Required courses:
  • Associate's Degree students take all courses.
  • The certificate program is complete after the third semester.

Successful completion of a Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program, whether through EMCC or another community college, is a pre-requisite for enrollment in the Paramedic Program. A second pre-requisite for the program is Anatomy and Physiology I. It must be completed within five years of the program with a "C" or better.


First Semester (Fall) 
18 Semester Hours
EMS 1122 Introduction to EMS Systems 2 Semester Hours
EMS 1314 Airway: Management, Respirations and Oxygenation 4 Semester Hours
EMS 1414 Patient Assessment 4 Semester Hour
EMS 1513 EMS Practicum I 3 Semester Hours
EMS 1614 Pharmacology 4 Semester Hours
LLS 1711 Job Search Skills 1 Semester Hours
Second Semester (Spring)
19  Semester Hours  
EMS 1825 Cardiology 5 Semester Hours
EMS 2714 Trauma 4 Semester Hours
EMS 1525 EMS Practicum II 5 Semester Hours
EMS 2855 Medical 5 Semester Hours
Third Semester (Summer)
20 Semester Hours
EMS 2414 Maternal/Child Emergencies 4 Semester Hours
EMS 2565 EMS Practicum III 5 Semester Hours
EMS 2912 EMS Operations 2 Semester Hours
EMS 1422 EMS Special Patient Populations 2 Semester Hours
CPT 1113 Microcomputer Applications 3 Semester Hours
BIO 2524 Anatomy and Physiology II 4 Semester Hours
Fourth Semester (Fall)
19 Semester Hours
SPT 1113 Public Speaking 3 Semester Hours
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3 Semester Hours

Fine Arts/Humanities Elective

3 Semester Hours
ENG 1113 Written Communication Elective 3 Semester Hours

Current nationally licensed paramedics may complete the degree option by taking EMT 2923/Professional Development Seminar in addition to college required academic class work. For admission requirements for this option, please see a counselor for additional information.

Work-based learning is available as an additional elective based on opportunity and requirements.​ ​

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