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Air Force ROTC Detachment 425

Prospective Cadets


1. Introduction - AFROTC Detachment 425 gives students attending MS State1, or one of our Crosstown Schools, East MS Community College2 or MS University for Women3, the opportunity to commission as an Officer in the US Air Force. We offer a great opportunity and have an outstanding AFROTC Detachment, having earned the Best Small Detachment in our region in 2010. MS State also offers numerous technical degrees in addition to one of the best Professional Meteorology programs in the nation!

During your first year you can try out AFROTC without any obligation as a General Military Course (GMC) cadet, but you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements4 in order to receive scholarships or continue as a Professional Officer Course (POC) cadet. Each year you will require military education courses6, Leadership Laboratory, and weekly PT. It will be a challenging experience and not everyone will finish, but it will be extremely rewarding once you make it through!

2. Information for In-College Applicants – As an Air Force ROTC cadet you will attend your regular classes at either EMCC or MUW while you attend your ROTC courses and Leadership Lab at the MSU. Currently, PT is offered at MUW for both Air Force and Army ROTC cadets. 

The number of years you have left until graduation determines what your cadet status will be. You will need at least 1 year as a General Military Course (GMC) cadet (2 is preferred) along with 2 years in the Professional Officer Course (POC) as a full-time student (12 hrs), but your last semester you do not need to be in full-time status. If you have only 3 years left in school, then during your 1 year as a GMC cadet you will need to sign up for both AS1012 and AS2012 in order to meet the minimum AFROTC requirements. 

A. In-College Scholarships!!! AFROTC recently revived the emphasis on in-college scholarships    and you may be eligible to compete for the In-college Scholarship Program (ICSP) during the Spring of your 1st, or the Fall of your 2nd year as a GMC1. 

B. If you are majoring in one of the Critical Technical Majors, which include Nursing, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Meteorology, you may have a higher chance of being awarded an in-college scholarship!

C. AFROTC also offers language scholarships and MSU offers eligible degrees in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. 

3. Enlisted Commissioning Programs – First off, realize that you do not need to be a scholarship cadet to be in the AFROTC program. That being said, Air Force ROTC currently offers programs for enlisted members from any branch to pursue a commissioning through a local ROTC Detachment. These programs include the Airman Scholarship Commissioning Program (ASCP), Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen (SOAR), and the Professional Officer Course – Early Release Program (POC-ERP). Contact your base education office to start the application process. 

If you’re interested in Nursing, be sure to look into the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) and remember that the Mississippi University for Women, one of our crosstown schools, offers an excellent BSN program that allows you to commission through Det 425!

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