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Literary magazine

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Syzygy: Award-winning literary magazine


East Mississippi Community College publishes a literary magazine, Syzygy, every spring. Students submit creative work in a number of areas:

  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Lyrics
  • Drama
  • Non-fiction essay
  • Literary essay

The 2013 edition of Syzygy won the Best Professionally Printed Literary Magazine award at the Mississippi Community College Creative Writing Association’s state conference held April 11, 2014, at EMCC's Lion Hills -- marking the second consecutive year Syzygy had claimed 1st place. And EMCC students also swept first, second and third places in the Poetry category. Click this link to read a press release about these awards.


Syzygy magazine has been around for a long time at East Mississippi Community College, and many people have wondered how it got its unusual name. In spring 2013, this story about Syzygy's beginnings appeared in a comment on the college's Facebook page:


"I enjoyed participating in Syzygy back in the 'dark ages' when the name of this publication was conceived. I remember sitting around a table with a couple of other students and trying to think a a name for our literary magazine. Several were proposed during this brainstorming session. Then one person, I don't remember who, looked up and said we should call it 'syzygy'  a nonsense word that sounded cool! We liked the sound and looked in a dictionary to see if it resembled a word and, lo, we discovered the meaning of 'syzygy' and adopted it."

EMCC alumnus Roman J. Miller


A story of coincidence and serendipity ... fitting for a magazine that captures EMCC's best creative efforts.


For more information about Syzygy, contact:

  • Marilyn Ford, Golden Triangle campus, (662) 243-2634
  • Derrick Conner, Scooba campus, (662) 476-5027 ​

Click the links to
read recent editions:


2012 Syzygy
Winner of the Best Literary
Magazine award

2013 Syzygy

Winner of the Best Literary
Magazine award


More about Syzygy:

Press release, June 2013

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