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Core classes

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Core classes

​East Mississippi Community College awards the Associate of Arts Degree to academic students who meet all requirements and complete 60 credit hours, which must include these core classes: ​​​

Other factors to consider:

  • The average class size at EMCC is 20 students.

  • If you plan to transfer to a senior college, and do know what you want to major in, explore one of these University-related Programs for suggestions about courses:

    & Fine Arts

    Math & Science

    Social Science
    & Business

  • Be aware, senior colleges and professional schools may have their own freshman and sophomore requirements which differ from these  recommendations. Students planning transfer should consult the latest catalog of the institution to which they plan to transfer or, better yet, speak with a counselor at the transfer institution of your choice.

General Education Core

English Composition I and II

MAT 1313 College Algebra (or higher)  
SPT 1113 Public Speaking I
Laboratory Science
Social/Behavioral Science
Fine Arts


6 Semester Hours
3 Semester Hours
3 Semester Hours
6-8 Semester Hours
6 Semester Hours
3 Semester Hours
6 Semester Hours

33-35 Semester Hours​

Beyond these required classes in the General Education Core, students working toward the Associate of Arts Degree may choose among any of EMCC’s other course offerings to earn the credit hours necessary to graduate. EMCC suggests that students follow the plan below, a general curriculum that includes coursework in a number of areas – especially if you plan to transfer to a senior college, but are undecided on a major:​

General Associate’s Degree Plan


English Composition I

English Composition II
Public Speaking I (SPT 1113)

Literature (1 Year Sequence *)

History (1 Year Sequence *)

Fine Arts (Music, Art, Theatre Appreciation or Music/Art History)

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Laboratory Sciences with Lab

Foreign Language (2 Year Sequence *) Mathematics (MAT 1313 or 1613)

General Electives




3 Semester Hours
3 Semester Hours

3 Semester Hours

6 Semester Hours

6 Semester Hours

3 Semester Hours


6 Semester Hours

12 Semester Hours

12 Semester Hours

3 Semester Hours

3 Semester Hours

60 Semester Hours

​* “Sequence” means that a student should be consistent in choosing the specific type of course. For example, a common History sequence is HIS 2213 American History I and HIS 2213 American History II.


Generally, one-half of the hours required for a Bachelor’s Degree may be transferred from a community college and applied to that degree at a four-year college or university. The East Mississippi Community College district maintains a close working relationship with all Mississippi senior colleges to ensure that all academic courses, which are intended for transfer, will do so.


In this regard, EMCC is guided by the current Articulation Agreement between Mississippi’s community colleges, through the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges, and Mississippi’s senior colleges, through the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning. This Articulation Agreement covers transfer courses between the state’s two-year and four-year schools.


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