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Academic Divisions

East Mississippi Community College has three academic divisions offering a comprehensive variety
of classes. At EMCC, students can get what they need to prepare for transfer to a four-year college
or university, satisfy academic requirements of the college’s career-technical programs or take
individual classes in areas of interest.
Humanities & Fine Arts
The Humanities and Fine Arts Division encompasses a number of subject areas: foreign language, English composition and literature, philosophy, speech and fine arts – art, music and theatre. Developmental classes are also available to help students prepare for English composition coursework. Humanities and Fine Arts classes explore the nature of man, including our interpretation of beauty and truth, and how we communicate those ideas to others, both orally and visually.

Mathematics & Science
The Mathematics and Science Division includes mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, nutrition, biology, chemistry and physics. Developmental classes are also available to help students prepare for math coursework.
Social Science & Business
The Social Science and Business Division offers courses in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, economics, education, educational psychology, geography, health/physical education, history, leadership, political science, psychology and sociology.

​Contact us:

​Golden Triangle campus

(662) 243-2620

​Scooba campus

(662) 476-5085

East Mississippi Community College
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Main Campus
1512 Kemper Street
PO Box 158
Scooba, MS 39358
(662) 476-8442
Golden Triangle
8731 South Frontage Road
PO Box 100
Mayhew, MS 39753
(662) 243-1900
CAFB Extension Center
81 Fifth Street, Room A
CAFB, MS 39710
(662) 434-2660
NAS Meridian Extension
255 Rosenbaum Ave.
Meridian, MS 39309
(601) 679-3570