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East Mississippi Community College Engineering Technology Drafting & Design instructor Carlton Hollis, at right, talks to prospective students during last year’s Reality Fair at EMCC’s Golden Triangle campus. The program has been revamped to reflect changes in the industry.

East Mississippi Community College’s Engineering Technology Drafting & Design students designed this 3D model with movable parts that revolve on axis using a 3D printer. Three dimensional designs and the use of 3D printers are taught in the course.

MAYHEW — East Mississippi Community College has revamped its Engineering Technology Drafting & Design program to reflect technological advances some say are already revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

               “A lot of what we do now focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM) generating 3D models,” Engineering Technology Drafting & Design instructor Carlton Hollis said. “BIM results in faster design times, faster everything. If I am working on one page in a drawing and I change something, it updates all the way through the drawing.”

               In the not too distant past, drafting and design was primarily focused on creating two dimensional drawings. The advent of new software that can create three-dimensional “virtual tours” and the growing use of 3D printing have proved to be game changers in the drafting and design industry.

               To keep up with the new technology, EMCC’s Engineering Technology Drafting & Design program at the Golden Triangle campus now offers students training in the use of three-dimensional software and 3D printing techniques and applications.

               Three new classes have been added to the program: 3D Modeling Advanced Design, Revit Architecture and Inventor 3D Model and Animation, and other classes have been redesigned. Core courses are still offered. Students start out with Engineering Graphics and move on to Computer Aided Design before transitioning into 3D classes.

               There are eight 3D printers available to students and it is in this area where growth in demand is changing the industrial landscape. Once limited in use, 3D printing technology is now being used to manufacture parts and build prototypes of all shapes and sizes using a myriad of products. Cazza, a Dubai-based firm, has announced plans to build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper, according to

               “The growth in the use of 3D printing in manufacturing is huge,” Hollis said. “We are seeing a lot more demand globally, in the U.S. and even locally.”

               Graduates of the program earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Technology Drafting & Design and are qualified to work in structural, mechanical, civil and architectural design.      

               “There are a whole lot of different fields you can go into in those four main areas,” Hollis said. “The sky is the limit on what our students can do. They might work in product design, at a metal building company or with a civil firm. They also could work in building design as an architectural designer. All of those jobs pay pretty well.”

               During the two-year course, they are also certified in in the use of AutoCAD and Inventor 3D. Courses are taught in sequence and students have to enter the program during the fall term, which starts in August. Registration is under way now.

               Those interested in the Engineering Technology Drafting & Design program can contact Hollis by phone at (662) 243-7482 or by email at; or the can contact Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Navigator Greta Miller at (662) 243-2659 or

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