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Lion Hills


Room rates

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Room Rates

Room/Capacity Rate
Entire ballroom. Accommodates up to 200 seated.
(Mississippi Room + Columbus Room)​
Mississippi Room. Accommodates up to 125 seated.​ ​$500
Columbus Room. Accommodates up to 75 seated.​ ​$400
​Fairway Room. Accommodates up to 40 seated. ​$250
Old Grill Room. Accommodates up to 50 seated.​ ​$250
​Mulligan's Lounge. Accommodates up to 50 for reception. ​$300
​Outside Deck/Bar. Accommodates up to 20. ​$100
​Pool. Pool cannot be closed during regular hours of operation. ​$300

A deposit of one-half the room rental amount is required to reserve a room.

Final payment for all costs including rental, food, and any other additional

services and fees, is due fourteen (14) days before the event.


Live music, DJs or any amplified program/entertainment is allowed

in the ballroom only if the entire ballroom is rented.​

Live music is also permitted in Mulligan's and Fairway. ​


Additional services and fees

Dance floor. Will change the maximim capacity of the room.​ ​$100
Chair rental. Any needed beyond the 225 provided.​ ​$    3
​Table rental. Any needed beyond the seating for 225. ​$  15
​Projector. Screen included in Mississippi and Fairway. $  20​




Updated 7-28-15 

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