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A new basketball coliseum, shown in this computer rendering, is one of several new construction projects at the Scooba campus in the  fund-raising stages. A renovated band hall and new dormitory are also on the drawing board. ​

Release date: Nov. 28, 2012


Building the Future:

New basketball coliseum, band hall, dormitory 



EMCC President Dr. Rick Young has said on more than one occasion he’d like to see the Mighty Lion Band take part in a nationally-recognized holiday parade. Making certain the band has room to grow is the next big step EMCC is taking to make that wish a reality.

The EMCC Development Foundation is spearheading a fund-raising project to renovate the school’s former cafeteria on the Scooba campus into a new band hall. The project is expected to cost about $1 million, and Vice President of Alumni Affairs Nick Clark says the school already has a commitment from Dottie Smith-Boring which will raise $100,000.

“We are delighted and grateful that Dottie has made a significant donation that will match contributions toward this project up to $50,000,” Young said.

The Foundation will try to raise about one-third of the total amount for renovations, and Clark said Smith-Boring’s donation is a big step in the right direction.

“Dr. Young has said our goal is to be a 200-person band as soon as possible, with a long-term goal of marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Rose Bowl parade or a national event such as that,” Clark said. “But with our current band hall, we’ve reached our maximum with those 90 or 100-or-so students.

“The idea is to give the band the room it needs to grow,” Clark said. “Right now, there is no room to grow. This renovation should allow us the opportunity to expand.”

A new roof will be necessary for the old cafeteria to be converted into a new band hall – which is just one of the projects which will join Sullivan-Windham Field and the
F.R. Young Student Union as sparkling additions to the Scooba campus.

One of those could be a multi-million dollar basketball arena.
The Foundation has a goal of raising $2 million to assist in funding for a new basketball coliseum which on the south side of the Scooba campus – east of the new football stadium.

The current gymnasium, the existing Keyes T. Currie Coliseum, would then be converted into an annexed addition to the new F.R. Young Student Union and could serve in a variety of roles, including as a student activities building.

A four-story dormitory project for women at the site of the old Sullivan-Windham Field was also recently announced. Once completed, male residents on campus would move to Gilbert-Anderson Hall and possibly into the current honors dorm. After the move, two old dorms, Noxubee Hall and Lauderdale Hall, would be demolished. In all, the project is will add about 150 rooms to the Scooba campus.

A Sports Hall of Fame and museum is also in the works and is expected to be located at the entrance of the old Sullivan-Windham Field.

“That entrance was built by the Bull Sullivan Committee about 12 years ago,” said Clark, noting that the building could serve as an office building for the Foundation and Alumni Association as well as a museum and meeting place.
Memorabilia donated for the museum has been transferred to the library for cataloging and safekeeping, and plenty of additional items are being sought.

“We’ve got a pretty good start, but anyone wishing to donate may certainly do so,” he said.

Clark said donations do not necessarily have to be related to athletics. A place-setting of china and silverware from the old cafeteria is likely to be included and an old band uniform has been pledged, as well.​


Alumna Dottie Smith-Boring, left, shown talking to friends at Homecoming 2012, has pledged a matching grant of $50,000 toward a new band hall.


Dottie Smith-Boring, right, and EMCC Vice President Nick Clark outside the new F.R. Young Student Union.​


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