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Jan. 1, 2014: Changes to GED test take effect

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​Jim Bearden, director of the Adult Basic Education
program, meets with an EMCC student.


Jan. 1, 2014: Changes
to GED test take effect


Several changes to the GED test took effect on
Jan. 1, 2014. They involve how the GED test is administered, how much it costs and what happens to partial GED scores. Here's an explanation from Jim Bearden, director of EMCC's Adult Basic Education program.


Computer-based test:

  • The pencil-and-paper version of the GED test has been replaced with a computer-based test.
  • Jim Bearden: "You'll take the GED test at EMCC. When you arrive, an EMCC examiner will get you set up on a computer. We can authorize you to log in to the GED testing site because we're a Pearson Vue Testing Center. The questions will come up on the screen. You type in your answers and you'll get your score before you leave."

Higher fee:

  • The GED test fee, previously $75, has increased to $120.
  • Jim Bearden: "The fee to take the GED test is determined at the national level, by the GED Testing Service. And $120 is a significant amount of money. But the good news is that part of that fee can be waived for students who take our GED preparation classes."

Partially completed tests:

  • Scores for partially completed GED tests have been discarded.
  • Jim Bearden: "The GED test has several sections. Sometimes, people will pass some sections,
    but fail another. Later, they return and re-take the test for the section they failed. But on Jan. 1, 2014, all scores for incomplete GED tests will no longer be stored in the national system. They'll be gone. People who have passed some parts of the test, but not others, will have to re-start the process with the computer-based test."
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